Music Folksonomy on Soundcloud & Radiooooo

On Monday I presented on tagging and music sifting practices on the fabulous platforms, Soundcloud and Radiooooo. The conference was part of the merging Creative Industries faculty at the University of Newcastle. (Abstract below)


Approximately a decade ago, music streaming services such as Spotify and Soundcloud were launched, opening up a world of music discovery for online listeners. Such services emerged at a time of rampant music piracy and emergent digital business models, which capitalize on peer-to-peer (p2p) networking. The challenges of monetizing music streaming platforms tend to draw attention away from their success as a place for a musical vernacular to develop. Hashtags and other descriptive tags form a music folksonomy, borrowing Thomas Vander Wal’s term, a portmanteau of folk and taxonomy. In this presentation I look at two innovative sites, Soundcloud and Radiooooo, where users can submit and sift through music and participate in tagging activity. I present on fieldwork discussing the value of music folksonomy for progressive discussions of genre and as a community-building activity.


Soundcloud Top Genre Tags


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